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This listing is for a bespoke Australian hardwood box to compliment your special piece (or pieces!) from Charleys Forest Silver. It is uniquely engraved and made specially for you. 


This listing only applies if the piece you are purchasing does not already come with its own special box. Or if you wish to order a box to house multiple pieces.


The boxes are designed and constructed by Mountain Cut - including the engraving, sanding and beautiful lightly oiled finish. They are made of Australian Hardwood (where packaging weights allow) or Australian plantation softwood, and they are designed and constructed entirely on our farm.

The timber is sourced through our local rural supplier.  They are designed so they can be reused or gifted on, and are 100% Australian Made. 

We are so proud of these beautiful boxes which are the embodiment of having a piece of Australia delivered to your door - anywhere in the world.  The perfect gift to yourself, or have us send your beautifully packaged piece to a friend. 


Please contact Mountain Cut directly if you require something besides a special box to house your silver from us. 

Bespoke Wooden Box

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