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Charleys Forest Farm is our self-sufficient farm in south eastern Australia near the Budawang Ranges. We grow organic produce,  and produce hand-forged earthy sterling silver jewellery.  Our aim is to be as self-sufficient as possible, have fun while being friendly to the environment, leave a small footprint and be sustainable. 

We love the natural environment and know there is all we could ever need in it, and we can get it without destroying everything. The simple life of living on the farm and growing food, and solving all the challenges associated with that is a story we wish to share with you.

Charleys Forest Silver

Charleys Forest Silver is our independent family owned jewellery business. It was established in 2016 at our farm on the outskirts of Braidwood, Australia. We make one of a kind jewellery in primarily reclaimed sterling silver and natural stones.

Sky Mazurkiewicz from Charleys Forest Silver

Sky designs and creates the jewellery, making each piece one at a time at the farm in Charleys Forest, at the foot of the Budawang Ranges. The stories that have shaped our lives go into each and every piece.  

Sky enjoys creating pieces that reflect the natural world and draws inspiration from ancient and tribal cultures.  "I started silversmithing when the kids were very young.  The Beard persuaded me that we'll make each others wedding rings and it really inspired me.

"I love using my creative energy into something positive to share". 

Jakub Mazurkiewicz from Charleys Forest Silver

Jakub (aka The Beard) has enjoyed tinkering and building things from early childhood. This lead to a career in science with an appreciation of processes and materials. "I think art and science share many similarities as many artists must develop a relationship with their mediums to reveal a hidden truth, and so do scientists"

Jakub etches components of Sky's designs that are used in some pieces, does much of the lapidary work and also designs, constructs and builds beautiful Australian Hardwood boxes for each piece. He also makes incredibly beautiful chain from scratch.

"Being part of Sky's creative process is deeply satisfying and the results bring me joy which can be appreciated across a broad audience".

It is really special to be on the farm raising our children near the beautiful Budawang Ranges.

For the last 20 years, we have both been working in the science field. That part of both of us stays strong, and now we tell the story of our love for our planet in our work.

It also means that we can be on the farm doing what we love - raising our kids, animals and growing our own food. 

Social media such as Instagram has enabled us to share our journey with you.

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