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Introducing our new sterling silver pendant, featuring the majestic Barn Owl under a starry Autumn night sky. This piece was inspired by the beauty of the Barn Owl, with its heart-shaped face and captivating white feathers, set against the timeless expanse of the moonlit starry sky.


Our resident Barn Owl lives in an old tree hollow, and the female has incubated many clutches of young, while the male hunts for food for her. They mate for life and have a noisy courtship battle in the night sky before breeding, which sets off the night chorus of nocturnal creatures of Charleys Forest.


This piece is an expression of the love of nature and the sense of wonder and awe for the natural world around us.


Our pendant is accompanied by a 29" long handmade sterling silver link chain, consisting of individually soldered links and handcrafted findings.



  • Dimensions: 66 mm (2.59") (inc. pendant bail)  x 43 mm wide  (1.7") at the widest points
  • Weight: 58.7 grams including chain. Pendant 22.7 grams, chain is 36 grams.
  • Materials: Sterling silver
  • Pendant bail: height 17mm, width 6 mm
  • Comes with a chain: 73.6 cm (29") long (inc. clasp) handmade sterling silver link chain, each link is individually soldered, completed with hand fabricated findings. Paperclip and round links create a versatile and strong chain.
  • Packaging: This pendant comes in a uniquely engraved beautiful box by Mountain Cut Studio. The boxes are designed and constructed from Australian Hardwood and made entirely on our farm.


Our work is organically created and made to last lifetimes.

Autumn Owl Pendant with Chain

SKU: P23003
  • We ship all over the world, fully tracked, insured and packed with love!

  • Our pieces are unique, designed and handcrafted one at a time

  • We believe strongly in providing ethically created pieces using quality sources of metal and stones, with an environmentally friendly approach to our business. You can view our philosphy here. 

  • All our jewellery is made from 100% recycled sterling silver.  We melt down scrap silver and form the sheet and wire required.

  • If we are unable to fabricate, we order 100% recycled sterling and pure silver from Palloys in Australia. View Palloys environmental policy here. 

  • All turquoise and other gemstones used in our work is sourced from reputable stone cutters and dealers, and where possible we list the source.

  • If you would like any additional information about a particular piece, shipping rates or our policies please do not hesitate to contact Sky at

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