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We use a ring and bangle mandrel to size all pieces and provide a guide of what an approximate fit is. Our rings have large ring shanks so we will always contact you to confirm your finger size and discuss the appropriate size that your piece will be made. However if you believe your piece is not the size you ordered please contact me so we can help you. 


Approximate best fit size is usually around 1/2 US size smaller than the ring due to ring shank thickness and width.


Sizing rings is not as straight forward as simply knowing what size fits your finger.

Sizing is affected by:

  • daily fluctuations of finger swelling, which can be up to half a US size or more

  • knuckle size versus finger area

  • length of finger between knuckle and palm

  • sudden weight changes

  • heat or cold

  • ring shank band width and thickness


If you haven't had your fingers sized recently then we strongly encourage you to have your fingers sized at a jeweller or purchase a ring sizer. They are available on eBay and Amazon for less than $5.  

Generally your left hand is slightly smaller than your right, so keep in mind if you purchase a custom sized ring from us.  It is worth picking a finger that you can swap to another finger to account for the continual fluctuations. 

If you find that you are having trouble with your ring sizing, then don't hesitate to contact us to provide some advice to help make sure your ring is just right!

Resizing Rings

If you ordered a piece and you find that it does not fit, then contact us about whether the piece can be resized and see the returns policy for more information.

Generally we will ask that you confirm your ring finger size by having it measured.  In the meantime we recommend you try wearing it for a week to see how affected the sizing is. 

Resizing rings is not always possible. We strongly encourage you to check your ring size and the size of the rings you like and what size band they are to avoid resizing rings where possible. 

The Official Ring Size Conversion Chart

Ring sizing is a guide only - and this chart shows size conversion across some of the different ring sizes across countries. We work most often in Australian, UK and US sizes but can work with any equivalent size from your country. 

Bangles and Cuffs

To measure your bangle size, measure the circumference of your wrist (or area where you want to wear the cuff) using a fabric or cloth measuring tape. This will be the same measurement as the bracelet or cuff that will fit you (usually provided in inches). You can also use ribbon - measure the ribbon where it meets on the part of your wrist you want to wear it. 

If you are considering purchasing a cuff, measure the gap in a cuff that fits you well. When we provide measurements,  the inside measurement of the cuff in total, the gap width, and the inside circumference of the solid cuff part excluding the gap is given.

A cuff or bangle that fits well, will be the same measurement as your total wrist measurement you took, including the appropriate gap size. Another factor is that some people have a more rounded shape wrist/arm, others a more elliptical. Consider this when purchasing your cuff or bangle also. 

Our cuffs are not made to be adjusted. Adjusting the cuff by trying to pull apart then close on your wrist may lead to breakage of the silver or the stones. We cannot provide any refunds on cuffs that have been adjusted or manipulated in this way. 

If you have any issues with sizing then please do not hesitate to contact Sky on

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