This ring features a beautiful piece of snowflake obsidian and a female sugar glider with her big eyes and distinctive markings.


Our resident native population of sugar gliders were very active this autumn, gliding around the tops of the gum trees, foraging, socialising and vocalising! It's important for such little nocturnal arboreal marsupials to put on as much weight as possible before temperatures plummet. Now they are huddled up together in their hollows keeping warm for the winter, and conserving energy by going into torpor (it's like a daily hibernation cycle).

This ring comes in a uniquely engraved beautiful box by Mountain Cut. The boxes are designed and constructed from Australian Hardwood and made entirely on our farm.



  • Size: 9.25 (Size S1/2 Aus & UK) on the mandrel** Fits best Size 8.75 (R 1/2 Aus & UK)*
  • Dimensions: Face is 28 mm (1.1") wide x 44 mm (1.73") tall at the widest points

  • Band is 15 mm wide (0.59") with a scallop for comfit down to 5 mm (0.19")
  • Textured stamped band
  • Materials: sterling silver and snowflake obsidian
  • Weight: 18 grams

My work is organically created, worked and worn.  It is nomadic, strong, and made to last lifetimes. 


*  best fit

** size on the mandrel

Approximate best fit size is 1/2 US size smaller than the ring due to ring shank thickness and width.

See Sizing for more information. 

Sugar Glider Ring

SKU: 21/99
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