These earrings are part of my ongoing cactus series. Saguaro cactus are an iconic species - incredible looking, with tremendous capacity to absorb water to withstand long periods of drought. They can live for over 150 years and are a critical keystone species. They provide shelter, food and protection for hundreds of other species through the various stages of its life in the Sonaran Desert. 


These do not come in our unique boxes. A bespoke Australian Hardwood box by Mountain Cut can easily be ordered for this item by adding "Bespoke Wooden Box" to your cart. Please note this will require additional time to prepare. 


  • 85 mm long (3.3 inches).  Cactus 65 mm (2.6 inches) long, Hooks 20 mm (0.8 inches)
  • materials - sterling silver, green turquoise bead.
  • total weight of both earrings - 11 grams (5.5 grams each). 
  • 100% recycled silver. 


Our work is organically created, worked and worn and made to last lifetimes.


Silver Saguaro Earrings

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