This is a handmade sterling silver stamped three stone ring with turquoise cabochons. It is my rustic and unique take on the ancient three stone rings with a deep and very uniquely worked bezel, giving this ring an almost out of worldly or viking look.

It is a timeless piece, to treasure, wear and enjoy, and to hand down or across as an heirloom. Each stone is also so unique and there are no two alike, which is part of what makes these rings so special.


This listing is for the actual ring depicted in the photographs and it is ready to ship. 

My work is influenced by tribal silver, organically created, worked and worn. You can see on the piece where I have worked. It is not refined and highly polished – it is nomadic, strong, and made to last a lifetime and more.




  • Dimensions - middle cabochon - 22 mm (0.87 inches) long
  • Ring size - Size 13 (>Z 1/2 Aus & UK) on the mandrel.
  • This would fit a Size 12.5 (Z Aus & UK) approximately* accounting for the band. Please read the Sizing section under Policies, Terms & Conditions. 
  • Materials - sterling silver and turquoise. Middle turquoise cabochon is cut by @turquoisefever (Instagram), other stones from Kachina Country USA.
  • Total weight - 15 grams (0.53 ounces)
  • Ring shank 10 mm wide
  • Band thickness: 1.2 mm 
  • Stamping & texture: outside earthy lines hammered texture, inside is Om Symbol, 925 hallmark and my makers stamp.
  • 100% recycled silver.
  • Cadmium free - I use solders that do not contain any cadmium or lead. These are strong solders that age similarly to the piece.
  • Polished with minimal oxidised patina finish


*A note about sizing: All of the measurements of the ring are provided above. The "best fit" is a guide only and does not take into account various physical and environmental factors that affect ring sizing on a daily basis. I recommend that you have your fingers sized regularly, and/or size your rings with similar dimensions to match your fit.  More information on sizing is available here.  I cannot be responsible if your ring does not fit correctly, and by purchasing the ring you agree to these terms. Please contact me if you require any further information. 


My one of a kind pieces I make one at a time. The Mi Familia rings are part of an ongoing three stone ring series that have their own unique characteristics that separate them from each other.

Mi Familia Ring

  • We ship all over the world.

  • Our pieces are unique, one of a kind, designed and handcrafted one at a time

  • All our jewellery is made from 100% recycled sterling silver. I melt down scrap silver and form the sheet and the wire needed. If I require silver I can't fabricate, I order 100% recycled sterling and pure silver from A&E Metals in Australia. A&E Metals have a strong environmental policy which you can view here:

  • All turquoise and other gemstones used in our work is sourced from reputable stone cutters and dealers, and where possible I list the source.

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