This is a beautiful hand forged and designed Australian Nomad Desert Rain Spirit Ring is inspired by the Australian desert and the life that becomes so abundant during the rains.

My work is influenced by tribal silver, organically created, worked and worn. You can see on the piece where I have worked. It is not refined and highly polished – it is nomadic, strong, and made to last a lifetime and more.

• dimensions - 29 mm x 28.5 mm at the widest points
• ring size - size 8 but fits size 7 3/4
• materials - sterling silver and turquoise
• turquoise origin - Kingman turquoise, Arizona. Kingman is one of the oldest turquoise mines in America, over 1000 years old.
• This ring has one large cabochon 13.5 x 19.5 mm
• total weight - 13 grams
• ring shank 9 mm wide
• comfortable ring shank - with heavy inlay and stamping. A very festive shank!
• 100% recycled silver. Cadmium free - I use solders that do not contain any cadmium or lead. These are strong solders that age similarly to the piece.
• worn patina

The ring also has the protector courage with its Viking Shield look and feel.

The Kingman Turquoise was sourced from Lee from team @aztraderman11 on Instagram.

The Nomad Desert Rain Ring is part of a limited release series which includes the other small round earth/shield rings. These rings can be made as a ring in your size with some degree of customisation (for example, custom stamping). Although they will be similiar, they will not be the same - different stones, shapes, and differences in my cutting and setting. They are made to last lifetimes.

Desert Rain Spirit Ring

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  • All our jewellery is made from 100% recycled sterling silver. I melt down scrap silver and form the sheet and the wire needed. If I require silver I can't fabricate, I order 100% recycled sterling and pure silver from A&E Metals in Australia. A&E Metals have a strong environmental policy which you can view here:

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