A customised Mi Familia ring. It is a Sterling Silver three stone ring with hand picked turquoise.


This piece is personalised. The names of your loved ones, family members, friends, pets or spirits can be stamped on the inside of the ring shank.
It is a timeless piece, to treasure, wear and enjoy, and to hand down or across as an heirloom.

The photographs are examples of Mi Familia rings I have made in the past.

As an example, on my own Mi Familia ring, I have chosen to stamp the names of my family members on the inside of the shank, and I see it as a stone representing each of them. I wear it as a stacking ring on my ring finger and feel that my engagement ring represents the 'me' and they all go together.

On others I have made, I have stamped all the family members on the inside, including the wearer, or made a second ring as a stacker with each stone represent someone in a bigger than 3 family!

There are no rules, it is however you interpret the stones, the band, the stamped names.


The ring is our rustic and unique take on the ancient three stone turquoise rings with a deep and worked beautiful bezel, giving this ring an almost out of worldly or viking look.

The stones are set on a band width of your choice from 5 – 10 mm. The band is a comfortable thickness and the size variation can be seen in the range in the photographs above, the widest being 10 mm and the thinnest 5 mm.


Please let me know in the comments what width you would like your band to be. The standard size is 8mm.

The band is in a size of your choice. If you are unsure of your ring size, there is a International Ring Size Conversion Chart at www.ringsizes.co

The names of whomever (or whatever) you choose are stamped on the inside of the band.




Each stone is so unique there are no two alike, which is what makes this ring so special. 

If you would prefer to change the combination of stones offered, please let me know in the comments what stones you would prefer and we will confirm with you. 



Please let us know what names you would like in the Custom wording box which you will see while checking out. 




These do not come in our unique boxes. A bespoke Australian Hardwood box by Mountain Cut can easily be ordered for this item by adding "Bespoke Wooden Box" to your cart. Please note this will require additional time to prepare.


We will contact you to confirm prior to commencing the ring to double check spelling and details with you! If you have any questions about this ring please do not hesitate to message us. 

Custom Turquoise Mi Familia Ring

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  • We believe strongly in providing ethically created pieces using quality sources of metal and stones, with an environmentally friendly approach to our business. You can view our philosphy here. 

  • All our jewellery is made from 100% recycled sterling silver.  We melt down scrap silver and form the sheet and wire required.

  • If we are unable to fabricate, we order 100% recycled sterling and pure silver from Palloys in Australia. View Palloys environmental policy here. 

  • All turquoise and other gemstones used in our work is sourced from reputable stone cutters and dealers, and where possible we list the source.

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