Satin Bowerbirds are an integral part of our farm. They are incredibly cheeky, managing to get their way into our vegetable gardens and orchard, obliterating seedlings, eating fruit and tearing at netting. The male steals all the blue things for his bower display. Their clicking and clucking and wheezes and wee-oooooo's dominate the soundscape. I never tire of watching them energetically hop about, but only as long as our strawberries are locked up like a vault! 


This round bowerbird pendant has the the satin bowerbird perched on a perfect piece of Arizona turquoise. 


Choose from the drop down menu if you would like your pendant to come in a uniquely engraved beautiful box by Mountain Cut. The boxes are designed and constructed from Australian Hardwood and made entirely on our farm.



  • Dimensions: 48 mm (1.9") (inc. pendant bail)  x 34 mm wide  (1.34") at the widest points
  • Weight: 18 grams
  • Sterling silver, turquoise
  • Pendant bail width 5 mm


Our work is organically created, worked and worn. The pieces are made to last a lifetime and more.

Bowerbird Pendant

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  • All our jewellery is made from 100% recycled sterling silver. I melt down scrap silver and form the sheet and the wire needed. If I require silver I can't fabricate, I order 100% recycled sterling and pure silver from A&E Metals in Australia. A&E Metals have a strong environmental policy which you can view here:

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