This cuff is in honour of the Australian Hobby, a fast and beautiful raptor. We are lucky enough to have a breeding pair on the farm, but several months ago the female was hit by a car. She survived and was released but I'm yet to know her fate. This one is for her.


The Australian Hobby is the centrepiece, and she is made using gentle repoussé and chasing techniques so it is slightly raised and creates movement.


It is flanked by two pyrite turquoise cabochons from @danthecabman (Instagram).

This is a very solid heavy cuff and comfortable to wear. 


Dimensions -

  • The cuff has an inside measurement of 6" (including a 1.25" gap - this is a total circumference including the gap of 7.25" (18.42 cm) size.
  • Materials - sterling silver and turquoise The cuff has two pyrite turquoise cabochons from @danthecabman (Instagram).
  • The cabochons are 32.5 x 21.5 mm at their widest points.
  • Total weight - approx 111 grams
  • Cuff tapered 11.5 mm (0.45 inches) - 62.9 mm (2.48 inches) wide comfortable cuff - with subtle stamping. 



*A note about sizing: All of the measurements of the cuff are provided above. Please ensure that you have reviewed the measurements provided and taken your measurements correctly. More information on sizing your cuff is available here. 

Australian Hobby Cuff

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