Firestick Collection

Firestick is the new Charleys Forest Silver collection exploring our connection to our country. First Nation peoples of Australia used fire to survive - to eat, and to continue building on the subtle, fragile and gentle connection to the Australian landscape that supports an amazing diversity of plants and animals.

Photo by Asha Kidd Model: Meagan

The collection consists of a range of rings, earrings, pendants and a cuff inspired by the rugged terrain, rolling spinifex, desert dunes and dying embers. I used Australian stones that emphasise the Australian landscape.

Jewellery forged during the Charleys Forest Fires

I began creating the collection prior to the bushfires, and continued throughout the smoke, the distractions, the patrols, the radio comms blaring and the environment burning.

Each piece has an element of the fire forged into its essence.

I spent time patrolling for fires, readying our farm, packing and evacuating several times with the children and thinking about what it all means. I felt a disconcerting connection between the creative processes as an artist, and the tumultuous nature of the fire.

Some scenes during the Charleys Forest Fires. Photographs by Sky.

After the threat of fires had passed our beloved Mt Gillamatong on the outskirts of Braidwood, we went up to take some photographs of some of the newer pieces I had made.

Asha took some beautiful photographs of Meagan in the Australian smoky landscape.

Photo by Asha Kidd @tigreasha_ of Meagan wearing the Mt Gillamatong Eagle Earrings and the Swamp Wallaby pendant.

Models: Meagan and Georgia Photos: Sky

Pieces by Charleys Forest Silver from the Firestick Collection

We are connected inseparably to our planet and we have a choice how we treat it.

This is what Firestick means to me.


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