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The Story of the Mi Familia Ring

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

In 2016 I made myself a very rustic three stone ring with my family's names stamped on the inside of the band, and a beautiful unique stone for each of them. I made mine as a stacker to wear on my ring finger with my wedding and engagement ring.

My first Mi Familia ring

To me it channels Byzantine and medieval rings of the past but also has an out-of-worldly feel.

Mi Familia rings stacked!

Selection of Mi Familia rings

Unique Mi Familia rings

They are heirloom pieces that are made to last lifetimes.

With my original ring I made, each stone represents one of my family members, hence the name "Mi Familia".

Each of the Mi Familia rings are unique reflecting the diversity and beauty of turquoise. I want to bring a rustic feel and introduce turquoise as an alternative to the conventional gemstone trilogy rings.

Selection of Mi Familia rings

I was overwhelmed with the huge amount of interest when I first posted my Mi Familia ring on Instagram. I received many messages then, and still do, from people wanting one, and loving how unique they are.

They are my most popular design and are very close to my heart. Although they are challenging to make, they bring me a huge amount of satisfaction.

Selection of Mi Familia rings

The style has evolved over the last few years, and I love using large size turquoise for a really chunky look, although I still make petite styles too. I also use a range of different gemstones apart from turquoise, including herkimer diamonds, amethyst, moonstone, opal, kyanite, larimar and labradorite to name a few.

The stones that I use are ethically sourced and handpicked from stonecutters and dealers who I regularly feature in my blog - as I want to share my stone sources with you. My supply chain is an essential part of what I do, and supporting stonecutters means we are in turn supporting miners, fossickers and rough dealers. I like to know where the stones come from and what the mine policies are to ensure that the turquoise in your ring has a low level of environmental impact.

Channelling the old Byzantine feel with sterling silver and hand picked turquoise, the Mi Familia is an original organic ring that I'm very proud offer as ready to ship in my shop.

You can see the Mi Familia rings available here. ▪️

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