Launch of the SNAKE + earth Collection

What a wonderful journey I have been on since getting totally into Silversmithing. I read a lot of books while breastfeeding our twins, and started connecting with the Silversmithing community on Instagram. There are so many incredible artists out there producing beautiful pieces and it inspired me immensely.

My theoretical knowledge grew to the point where my dad quipped I could be a Consultant Silversmith. It was time to get on the bench and make my first ring.

I was armed with Adriaan's old bench pin, a jewelers saw and some files my sister had given me to use. I made a ring shank and watched how the capillary action of the solder first moved up the seam. I was completely and utterly hooked. That ring shank just kept growing and turned into this Bowerbird Ring. I love our Satin Bowerbirds, and like me they collect blue and shiny things.

My husband and family have been very supportive of all this, providing me with constant encouragement and helping me build up my tools and equipment, and to let me hold his Beard hostage.

This is my first collection and is inspired by the Australian landscape, its rugged beauty, Aboriginal Australia and the inner nomad many of us individuals living in a lost culture experience until we find out tribe. I've found mine!

The collection is available on my Etsy Store and I'll be keeping our Instagram @charleysforestfarm up to date with my Silversmithing as well as going on's at the farm.

#Silversmithing #SNAKEearthCollection

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